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CVP Time Zone Issue with Daylight Saving


        We have an issue with the time zone on CVP 9.0. The issue is that we are on daylight time saving setting and the CVP gets the default time without the daylight time saving advance in time. When we change the calendar/time settings and check the automatic daylight time saving option the CVP gets the right time but after a few minutes it changes back to the default time which is one hour offset and the daylight time saving option is unchecked. We changed the domain time settings and yet the issue still remains. We tried using the JRE TZUpdaterTool to update the time zone but it failed.

Appreciate you help on this.

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Re: CVP Time Zone Issue with Daylight Saving

After you changed your settings, did you restart the VXML Server service?

My experience is that it's sometimes necessary to restart the CVP

restart the VXML Server service

if you're using the time within custom java code.


Re: CVP Time Zone Issue with Daylight Saving

Actually I started the VXML service and the whole machine, windows server. At first when I tried using JAVA_OPTS and TZ system environment parameters and restarted the VXML service nothing changed.

This issue happened after deploying a new application's JAR files on the CVP server. Some of these JAR files are on "...\CVP\jre\lib\ext" for reading working hours from a XML files. The same JAR files are used on a test CVP server identical to the production CVP server. Also the application using these XML loading JAR files doesn't manipulate the time zone or set it, it only gets the current calendar time to validate the date and time parameters.

Could there be a relation between these JAR files and the time zone lag? and if there is, what might be the solution?

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