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Different Between "Send" and "Send & Complete" on ECE 12.5

Hi all,


this is a silly question, but actually what is the purpose on "Send" on ECE when an agent on finesse want to send a reply to customer? For what i understood is when we "Send" the email, means we send a reply without closing the ticket. But why the activity stays on the dashboard and takes up the concurrent activity for that particular agent? While what we want was to send the reply, leave it opened, while let the agent do another case afterward. What not make sense to me is, when the customer replies that still opened case, that reply would not forwarded to the last replying agent, would it? so there will be two active case with same ticket but on different agent. I think when the agent "Send", the email should sent and then the activity gone just like we "Send & complete".


The ECE 12.5 was deployed with PCCE 12.5

VIP Engager

I think this is a matter of work flow and ECE has dictated their own without a way to change it. So you're stuck with the way that Send and Send & complete work. I believe there's a section in the ECE admin guide about sticky or last agent routing, that way you can try to get the same email back to the same agent.



Hi david,


Yes the sticky routing would make the "Send" option more understandable, but i believe the sticky routing only available on UCCE.


Anyway, even though the replying email from customer back to the same agent, it will appears on different list on agent's inbox. What's the point of keeping the earlier activity stay on inbox? I think it would be better if the latest activity replace the earlier activity that belong on same caseID. Because by keeping the earlier activity on the inbox, it would takes up the concurrent task of the agent, and once it reach the limit the agent would not be able to work on another mail even it comes from the same caseID being handled by that particular agent.


You might be right about sticky agent only being in ECE outside of PCCE. You might want to reach out to the BU about or maybe @Robert W. Rogier might know.



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