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Forward incoming calls to phone then to UCCX trigger?

Customer/Supervisor wants to be able to 'easily' put her group into 'meeting mode'. She doesn't want to use a version of holiday scripts. I am wondering if anyone has simply set the incoming DID for the call center to go to a phone which is permanently forwarded to the CCX trigger. Then when she wants to go have her group go into meeting mode she forwards the call to their general mailbox or to a different mailbox with a 'meeting greeting'. When the meeting is over she forwards it to the trigger again....Issues?

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Re: Forward incoming calls to phone then to UCCX trigger?

I have not done that before, but I don't see why it wouldn't work.


Just be sure to adhere to the guidelines in the Release Notes:


For example, it says you cannot forward an Agent Extension to a Trigger.  So, as long as the number you are forwarding, is not that, I think you'd fall within the supported configuration.


I have to admit, it does seem a bit low tech, and I might advise a more robust solution.  But, it's your system, and you get to use it how you want to.  Just be sure to forward on busy, unregistered, etc. to the Trigger, though the User can only set the CFA destination from the phone.  Some phones allow forwarding of secondary lines, some don't.