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Gateway HTTP client cache issue

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Level 1


I have a Gateway 2921 with IOS 15.3(3)M2.

Our problem is that when we have to update the audio in http client cache with this command


audio-prompt load


it does not work and the gateway never updates the cache and we hear the same audio.


We found this bug and  that apparently apply in our case.


But the SRND for CVP 9 says that the cache can be updated with this command:


test http client get reload


That command is hidden but when I execute the command it fails with this message:


CUBE_A#test http client get reload
% Invalid input detected at '^' marker.


Is there another way for update my audio without upgrade IOS?

I hope you can help me.




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Omar Deen

If you are looking to refresh a prompt, I always search for it first so that I have the exact path.

show http client cache | inc Crisis.wav

You will see the exact URL address that you will need. Copy that address and paste it after audio-prompt load http://

It should reload Crisis.wav successfully and you can confirm the date time stamp by running show http client cache | inc Crisis.wav again and you should see an updated date time stamp. 

If using inc after the pipe doesn't work, try using s

Hi Omar

I did all that you mentioned but the cache for this audio never update. 

We change the audio on our Media server but  the refresh is not working.

After  run "audio-prompt load" the gateway shows that the update was succesfully but the audio never changes.

Ref   FreshTime   Age          Size        context
---   ---------   ---          ----        -------
1     5           14051        90778       0       


CUBE_A#audio-prompt load
Reload of successful



Ref   FreshTime   Age          Size        context
---   ---------   ---          ----        -------
1     5           17           90778       0       


I am using 2 audios

Crisis.wav 40Kb

Crisis.wav 89Kb




I know this is not the ideal solution, but during a maintenance window, could you delete the prompt complete from the CVP/VXML server and then re-add it?

I try that in lab with the same devices and versions and the same issue but the result was the same, the prompt never changes at less I reload the gateway, this works because the cache is empty but after that the prompt never changes.

Is there another way to update the prompt or is there any of the  IOS that mentioned in bug page ? Because I can´t find them.



Sorry for my English.

Couldn't you solve the problem with audio-promt update. ?

I have CISCO 2951 IOS 15.4(3)M1 and the same problem.



try to clear cache by 

"clear http client cache"


this will not show up in context sensative help, but still its implemented in IOS.

and once you run it, you will see the cache getting cleared up

I did "clear http client cache"

then audio-prompt load usbflash0://ivr/message1.wav

then call application voice load IVR1

but nothing help.


did you replace in your usbflash0?

Of,couse. I replace usbflash0 with new file same name.

oh just forgot, you are using usb source and not the http client cache.

the above commands will not work, have to figure out some other workaround.

let me chcek if i find something

Thank you. I wait with hope :-)