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How Often ContactQueueDetail and ContactCallDetail update

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We are running on UCCX 8.0(2). There is a requirement from call center supervisor to have a real-time service level and ASA but these are not in Cisco Supervisor Desktop. We tried to query data from table ContactQueueDetail and ContactCallDetail for data to generate service level and ASA.

Does anyone know how often these tables update? I tried to find it from document Database Schema but could not find this information.


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I've read that PDF, but I don't see where it says that ContactCallDetail is real-time.  What are you basing that on?

The document mention "The Unified CCX system creates a new record in the ContactCallDetail table for each call or call leg processed by the system".

And Historical Reporting Administrator and Developer Guide, the document describe about Writting Database Record.

The record is written to database base on call flow (it write to the table immediate when certain call leg processed).

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I must add that in my experience we have seen that a ContactQueueDetail record is not added to the DB util the call has ended, this is an issue for real time reporting. We have found no way of pulling data of the DB to see in what CSQ an agent is answering the call (we can't know until he hangs up) =(

In our current implementation the table is being updated every 30 seconds or so with data that is 2 hours old. Anyone come across something like this?