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How to change the Number of IVR ports in a UCCX?


I know this question has been asked before but it needs to be asked again, as previous answers do not seem to apply.   The simple quesiton is:  If you have a UCCX and if after install you check you check License information and you note that you have 150 IVR ports; how do you increase the number of ports to 300?  

I have been told that the number of ports is set by the class of the machine hardware and is not a license issue.   Others have suggested it is a license issue?   At the end of the day, however, I want a step by step procedure for adding more IVR ports to my deployment.   Even if that means buying more licenses (though I can not find a SKU).

I have several clients that have UCCX and are having calls that exceed the number of IVR ports.   Before we get into a discussion of CTI ports or Call Controll Groups, let me identify that I think they are the same.    I can create a CTI Call Control Group with 300 paths, but if I only have 150 IVR ports I am in serious trouble on the 151 call!

I had a lab system that installed under vmware with 150 ports.  No matter how I tried to configure the CVA it always came up 150 ports!   I added a NFR license to my lab and magically it turned it into a 12 IVR system, so licensing does have something to do with it!  

I have htis experience on Version 8 and now on Version 9!   I need more IVR ports than appear in the installation.  I want to know exactly the steps needed to increase the number of IVR ports to the maxium of 300 for an enhanced system!

I can refer CISOC TAC to several tickets I have opened on this subject all with unsatisactory answers!  Most recently 626743961

Peter Buswell (aka DrVoIP)       

Peter Buswell (aka DrVoIP)
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I don't know for sure if it's the marketing people or the sales people, but either way, they are both focused on increasing sales.  If you "upgrade" to premium, lose ports, and therefore need to purchase more ports; then guess what, they just increased sales!  Yachts for everyone!

Anthony Holloway

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