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How to check data compatibility in CRS?


How to check if both CRS servers in the cluster contain the same data?

Both should be fully redundant, but I found that depending which one is master then not all services are in Master state on Master node.

I try to realize where is an issue.


Michael Turnbow
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


Not sure I understand the question.  First what version are you talking about?  Second, if this is 8.x then the first node is "always" the PUB regardless of whether it is master or standby.  This is by design.

If the subscriber is the Master you will see that all services EXCEPT the database services are set to "M".  On the first node the database services will show to be "M" for that node even though the rest of the services are set to "S".

Both servers are still in sync and the data is the same.  This is simply a relationship design.

All you wrote is known to me. Design of cluster is OK.

How are you sure both servers are fully redundant and all processes did synchronizations fine?

WHat when you see during configuration an info about database error and changes have not been done?

You do changes on another server and there change is complited. WHat then? Synchronization will do all to clear the difference?

I suppose sometime - something is not OK when  services are mixed and some are M on primary and other on secondary. Is it a sign that some thing is not OK?


Perhaps you can attach a screenshot of what you are talking about.  I am not sure I understand what you are asking.

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