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how to rebuild the primary mediasense server

xiaosen weng
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in 2018,we build two mediasense server (primary server and secondary server), the version is 11.5, yesterday we found the primary mediasense's database is down, and cann't start (the secondary server's database can start and works well). we don't have mediasense's backup file. now we consider  to resove this problem by rebuild the primary mediasense.

I have 2 questions

1、can the mediasense product  support rebuild the primary mediasense in this situation?

2、if can,  how can i reSynchronize data from the secondary server after I install the primary mediasense?

we need your help. 


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According to this part of the design guide, it sounds like it should?

"Database Server Failure

If either the primary or secondary server fails, the surviving server remains available for use. Once the failed server returns to service, the data replication function automatically begins its catch-up operation without any user intervention.

Depending on the duration of the outage and the amount of churn that occurred, the catch-up operation might take some time. The actual duration depends on many factors, but in tests it has taken close to an hour to transfer 150,000 recording sessions.

If the failure lasts for an extended period of time, the system raises an alarm and disables replication completely, then reestablishes it when the failed server recovers.

During the recovery period, some irregularities and inconsistencies between the two servers may occur. Do not rely on the recovering server for API operations until the catch-up operation is complete. You can determine the state of the recovering server using CLI commands."

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