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how to stop rerouting of calls when not answered

Paul Austin
Level 4
Level 4

Hi All, I need to be able to stop the automatic re-routing of calls between agents that are do not answer in an UCCX system team i.e. I need it to camp on that particular agent. Any ideas please? (system is 8.5)



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Jonathan Schulenberg
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

The product wasn't designed to do this so all I can offer you is workarounds:

  • Extend the Connect timeout to a much higher value (e.g. 60 seconds) on the Select Resource step.
  • Create a CSQ with only one Resource in it. Note that there are system-wide limitations of how many CSQs you can create as well as how many CSQs you can add a resource to.
  • Transfer the call to the user's DN instead of using the ACD subsystem.

Hi Jonathan,

If I understand Paul's question correctly he does not want the RONA option to be enabled. So, in the UCCX can't we disable the RONA. However, disabling RONA will terminate the call if unanswered



Disabling the RONA option under System Parameters will essentially prevent the call from ever entering the Queued branch of the Select Resource step unless all of the agents are actually on a phone call. Here's an example:

  1. Resource is in a Ready state.
  2. Resource is offered a call and does not answer. ACD subsystem returns the resource to a Ready state.
  3. ACD subsystem looks for another agent in accordance with the CSQ Resource Selection Criteria setting. Assuming Most Skilled.
  4. If other Resources are available at the same Skill Competency Rating, the call will be offered to each of those resources in a Longest Available fashion.
  5. If no other Resources are available, or after all othe Resources have been exhausted at the same or higher comptency levels, the call will again be offered to the resource same resource from step two above.
  6. This process repeats until the Contact abandons or all Resources are in a Talking (or other state) which forces the call into the Queued branch.

So, if you disable RONA you essentially create an endless loop most of the time. I have yet to encounter a situation where that's a good idea. In this case Paul wanted it to camp on a specific agent; changing the RONA setting wouldn't accomplish that goal.

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