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ICM to ICM Gateway issue

George Michaell


 We have an ICM to ICM Gateway configured from ICM A to ICM B and its working perfectly fine

Now we have a requirement to receive calls at ICM Site A from a different site C, Site A is

Already transmitting calls to ICM B,on setting up this new incoming connection I can see the calls landing at ICM A script but somehow

the calls are failing from Translation route Node, when i am looking at the logs i can see NIC error at ICM Site A, so i believe i am not configuring the NIC right, please find the Configurations done at ICM Site C and ICM site A.


ICM Site C:

  • New application Gateway configured with ID 5001 and the Router ips.
  • NIC configured with Physical controller ID 5002 and 5004.

 sideA NIC.JPG


  • And on the Router Side same 5002 and 5004 which was configured at physical controller ids are configured with their local host,

so its pretty simple.

And  site A ICM has application gateway ID of 5002 so configured the same at Site C ICM Router interface.

Everything looks fine now, as the call reaching site A fine, now here comes the problematic part.


Site A configurations:

A New application gateway is configured with ID 5002 and router ips of site C.


This is where the confusion comes in I don’t understand how to configure the NIC right, the below NIC in the screenshot is the same one I have configured for ICM Site A to ICM Site B and If I use the same it gives NIC error, if I add another nic and add the routing clients it will have different Physical controller IDs and I think I have room of adding one INCRP NIC at router

May be there is a problem with the customerid 5000 or what?

On the router side nothing is changed except adding another app gateway on client ICM page, but the only issue is at NIC side?

sh NIC.png

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