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IPCC Express 4.0x & Multiple Time Zones Feature


From reading other forum posts, it appears that there is no elegant way to deal w/ one server that serves scripts to multiple timezones. In other words, if I have to deal w/ one timezone that recognizes DST and another that does not, I am going to have to hard code dates into my scripts. This is of course, a poor practice. It seems like it would be simple enough to add timezone to the Time of Day step which would solve problems for a number of people. Cisco: is this a planned addition? If not, would you please consider this in future revisions?

Has anybody discovered a better solution?



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Hi J

I have a similar problem whereby we have a call centre in Italy and the scripts are located in UK. Here we have an issue with DST. The script/solution should be scalable to include other potential countries with different timezone. I have a rough solution which I hope it will be ready in the next couple of weeks. Is there a better solution - i'd like to hear, what does Cisco say...?


I have a same question. If the application is in PST and the agents are EST, is there a way we can show up the reports in EST?

Mine is IPCC express..

I have not come up w/ any solution other than hardcoding hacks around time zones. I've brought this up w/ the IPCC business unit as well, but haven't heard anything new over the past year. I'm hoping someone from Cisco will weigh in on this post with good news, but my current understanding is that there is still no clean way to do this.

thanks for the quick reply. I am figuring out a way to achieve this using advanced scripting. let me see if this can be done.

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