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Is it Possible to create new Scripts in Cisco VVB ? or customize existing one's ?

jimmy jain
Level 4
Level 4

We are migrating CVP from 9 to 11.6 & Considering to use VVB .

We had modified CVPSelfServiceBootStrap.vxml & CVPSelfService.tcl in vxml GW in order to achieve multi staging Environment.

I see that VVB has some preconfigured scripts (.aef's)

Can we edit those ? if Yes how ?

Can we create new custom Script's ? if Yes how to upload them to VVB ?

Appreciate any pointers ..

Thanks in advance..

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Jimmy,

This query is long raised, I hope you could find some VVB docs which might  be of your help.

If you still need some help please let us know.

Please refer this document for VVB configuration:

Cisco Virtualized Voice Browser - Configuration Guides - Cisco



So Far I am not able to find a way to achieve this.


We had done some customization in tcl scripts ,when we were with VXML Gateway.


Need to find a way to achieve this with VVB

No, you're not supposed to use custom aef files. I tried a lab experiment last year by uploading my own scripts but it didn't end up working. Something behind-the-scenes did not allow the custom files to bu used. I've worked around it using different trunking and external vxml services to get the result I needed. Seems like a weakness that devs have to work around.

Let us know if you end up finding a solution that works for you.

thanks for replying.


You said you tried uploading your own script in lab.


Can you share how did you upload script to VVB Please ?

I don't have the reference doc handy right now but I used the sftp server/transfer method. Seems to be the only way I can get files moved to/from those IOS machines in my lab.