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Live Data 11.6 not working (distributed)

Having a hard time getting Live Data 11.6 to work.  Here's the background:

Classroom environment with previously working 11.0 solution, including Live Data in a distributed deployment - CUIC and Live Data are on separate servers.  All servers are DNS clients and hostnames/FQDN's/IP's are all working.  UCCE 4000 agents selected as Deployment model.


ICM/CCE upgraded to 11.6 and functioning.  CUIC and Live Data were not upgraded, but fresh installs of both.  CUIC is happy with other data sources and runs reports just fine.


On Live Data server:

Set/show Live-Data aw-access command works OK.

Set/show Live-Data machine-services works OK.

Set live-data cuic-datasource "kinda" works.  Output of command is fine, and the datasource is added in CUIC, but does not go active.  Unset command will remove datasource in CUIC also, so it seems like things are attempting to communicate, but not fully. 

show socketio status command shows that the Server is not running, no clients are connecting.



Pulled logs from Live Data server, but nothing obvious - especially since I don't exactly know where I should be looking or exactly what for.  ICM servers are showing up in machine-service table(s), but there is some wonkiness with a server listed as "UNKNOWN".  Seems to be associated with the old Live Data server which was NOT upgraded (fresh install of 11.6).  Not sure if these 2 problems are related or not.


I've attempted this numerous times, used IP's, hostnames, FQDN's, tried all combos.  My CUIC is uppercase, blah blah blah.  Something is not right, and it's driving me crazy!!!!!!


So any help you can offer would be appreciated at this point.  Thanks in advance.




Live Data working this morning, so far at least - data source is happy, and SocketIO status on LD server is content as well.  This time I upgraded my 11.0(1) Live Data and CUIC servers to 11.6.  As mentioned, the previous attempts were brand new installs of LD and CUIC, working against an upgraded ICM system that already had LD integration.  Seems like there was some legacy stuff left in ICM that didn't like the brand new install of Live Data, but this is just a guess...??? 


Why  didn't I just upgrade to begin with??  Our UCS administrator likes us to keep the image sizes as small as possible, if possible.  I currently maintain about 260 server VM's for just the various UCCE classes, not mentioning all the other UC/UCCX courses. 


Still in need of more detailed documentation about what to look at and where for Live Data failures of this type.  Would like information on what specific logs to pull for LD, CUIC and ICM.


Moving forward to get Finesse LD integrated.

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