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Sam Alexander

Max Calls in Queue in historical report?

We have just implemented the latest version of UCCX 7.x premium and the customer wants to be able to pull reporting that will show the max calls in queue at any particular time, either by CSQ or across the enterprise.

I've looked at a lot of reports and while there are categories reviewing handled and abandoned calls, there is not a queue stat that reveals how many calls were actually queued up at say; 3pm.

the link below is to a similar question for version 4 but, the answerer only linked to the sales preso..

our implementation has 6 CSQ, over 40 apps to route a significant number of DNIS and, one team.



Michael Turnbow
Cisco Employee

Hi Sam,

I think the closest thing to what you are looking for is the Contact Service Queue Activity Report (by CSQ).  Calls Presented would be the number of calls presented to the CSQ in the given time frame.

There is another report called the Traffic Analysis report that will show the volume of calls coming in but it does not break it out by CSQ.

My suggestion would be to create a custom report or have them use the RealTime reports on appadmin.  From the Historical Reporting and Development Guide here:

It states for Calls Presented in Contact Service Queue Activity Report (by CSQ):

Join CCD and CQD on sessionID, sessionSeqNum, proilfeID, and nodeID to
determine CQD records during the report period. (For these records, the
corresponding CCD.startDateTime is during the report period). The additional
search criterion is CQD.targetType is 0 (type CSQ).
The combination of CSQ record ID and profile ID uniquely identifies a CSQ.
CSQ record ID and profile ID are stored in CQD.targetID and CQD.profileID,
For each CSQ, count the number of CQD records to determine the number of
calls presented to that CSQ.

Who ever designs the report should be able to break out the query above by time slots to show how many calls in a CSQ for the given timeframe.

I hope this is good information for you.  If so please rate the post.


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