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Need help creating a timer or checking against a time value.

Tracy Larson

In my script, I am trying to have a person sit in a certain queue for a certain amount of time before I send them to another queue if the time has exceeded a certain value. I can do this, however, I am playing music while they are on hold and I have short message played while they are waiting in queue. My problem comes in to play when using either a prompt, or a wav file or using a delay in the script for their "music on hold" I cannot get my script to constantly check against a timer and send the person to the next queue if the time has been exceeded if its in the middle of playing the prompt, wav file or in the middle of the delay value. I cannot check against the timer until one of these is done playing its music and/or delay/wav file. Does that make sense?

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Can you break up the music files and messages into certain timeframes to sort of "time" them into the next queue? I do not know of a way to execute another node until the play node is through.

Thanks for the reply, yes I could edit the hold music to meet my needs but i wanted to be able to use one value and only edit that field when i want to change the time before it goes to the next queue. Unless there is a different way to do it all together. I am used to visual basic so a simple timer would be really nice. :)

I use timers extensively to check for announcement, etc. Also, I use them to send Emails to management if the call has an excessive hold time. Music on hold doesn't affect checking timers. However, if the time is up when you are playing a prompt, no action can be taken until the call is returned to the queue.

I am no scripting genious so you have to forgive my idiocracy, but can i put a call on hold and have music play while the person is in queue, when i have done this in the past it seemed as though i needed to put in a delay that did the same thing to me as currently is happening, I had to wait for that delay to time out before it could check the time again. Do you have a sample you could send me or would you like me to send mine so you could nitpick it?

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