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No Ringback tone after transfer from UCCX AA


Hello Everyone

I have been facing the following issue with CUCM and UCCX. I have a H.323 gateway attached to a CUCM v10.5 in which 

a UCCX server (v 10.5) is connected with CTI ports and NOT with SIP Trunk. This UCCX server runs an IVR script, accepts the calls, plays a welcome prompt and in most cases transfers the calls to a receptionist line/DN configured to 8-9 IP phones. Moreover I have configured 

some DDI's on the VG which bypass the IVR and ring directly to the owners extension. In this case the calling party can hear the ringback tone

no problem. However when the calls go through the IVR there is NO ringback - we are not talking about UCCX Agetns but just call redirection - can be heard from the calling party.

I have read many threats in and outside this forum suggesting reseting the MTP, resetting the Annunciator but nothing worked I have even restart

the whole UCCX server but something tells me that the problem is in CUCM itself.

The calling party after passing from the IVR cannot hear any ringback tone although the call is eventually answered and connected

as it should.

Please suggest any solutions

Thank you in advance

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Hello Help Cisco Any CCIE Voice out there????

I have the same issue right now on

Anyone have a clue?

Benjamin Schaumburg

Hi kilias,

you won't get any Ringback tone anymore, because the Call is answered from the UCCX. If an Call is answered, there will be no more Ringback, because Media was terminated. The only thing that you can do is just using Music on Hold. Set the Music on Hold for your CTI Ports and the Caller will here Musci on Hold, while he is transfered by the UCCX.

You also can use the "Call Hold" Step in the Script to Place the Call on Hold in the Script and then transfer the Caller to a new Extension.

Kind regards


The steps mentioned in this link are perfect.


Make sure to reset the ports from CUCM after making the changes in the CCG.

OP: "we are not talking about UCCX Agetns but just call redirection"
Linked Article: "Ringback Tone Instead of MOH When Making Call to an Agent"
You: "The steps mentioned in this link are perfect"

Something doesn't add up.

Typically if you need ringback tone after the call has been answered, you're missing an Annunciator in your call flow. Make sure your originating Gateway has an MRGL assigned to it which has an available annunciator, AND that the region relationship between the OGW an the Ann is 64kbps or higher.

Roel Espe

I had the same problem. Made sure annunciator is in MRGL and service parameter is set to use ANN for ring back. However that did not work. The fix for me was to change the device pool network locale to none or to the one I installed. I'm in Australia and I installed the GB/UK locale. However, on the DP I chose Australia and that did not work. After changing it to United Kingdom I am now getting ring back.

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