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Hello Experts, We have struck at when migrating java form 1.6 to 1.7 in cvp 9. We have one of the customer and they are still running on CVP 9 which has Java 1.6. But their backed system migrated to TLS 1.2 and they want to move this to production as...

I need to check if an agent is logged on - easy but I need to check if they are idle ie available to make a call. I tested using If statement  ready>1 with X as going to announcement but it seemed to fail   1X agent logged on Made a call to the same ...

iptuser55 by Level 6
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Hi, I'm having an issue with callers being able to exit the queue when all agents are busy to leave a VM. Queued callers get a message- agents busy, please hold, press 1 to leave VM" then they get 30s of MOH from CUCM as I'm using call hold/unhold to...


I have created a CSV file with all the Column headers and data in the CSV File, I have uploaded the file with postman using the form-data fileContent type as file and description as text and gave the description, and the Job is successfully created. ...