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Nuance RealSpeak TTS with Cisco IP IVR 5.0



I am trying to install Nuance RealSpeak with Cisco IP IVR 5.0 and it is not working. A script was written and it wasnt reading it but the RealSpeak was giving a error at the event viewer saying.

RealSpeak servere error.

Message is too large.

Message byte: 542583945.

Please, I need assistance in resloving this.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Sherifato,

Can u please be more clear on the problem?

Did u install RealSpeak and MRCP server? what versions did u install?

Which version of IPCC you are using?

Cisco IPCC Express Edition and Cisco IP IVR use Media Resource Control Protocol (MRCP) to enable them to

interoperate in a standardized way with speech vendors that implement MRCP. However, each vendor imposes its

own variations within the limits of the standards. Therefore, specific vendor software may not interoperate with Cisco

IPCC Express 4.0 and Cisco IP IVR out of the box.

Jus follow these steps.

1) Install Realspeak and MRCP (Refer to the installation docs of the specific vendor.)

After installation, for Scansoft's RealSpeak, the additional items that must be configured are

For Realspeak from SCANSOFT,

Modify the SWMS Server configuration file. The path name to the configuration file follows:

C:\Program Files\SpeechWorks\MediaServer\Server\config\OSSserver.cfg.

Make the following modifications to the values of the specified keys as appropriate:

All configurations:

· Modify “server.transport.sessionTimeout” to -1.

Configurations with text-to-speech (TTS):

· Modify “server.resource.4.url” to “/synthesizer” and uncomment this line.

· Modify “server.realspeak4.cache.maxNumber” to be the same as the number of RealSpeak licenses and uncomment this line.

After making these changes, you will need to restart the services as described in the vendor's documentation.

Then in your CRS Administration Web page,

Go to subsystems --> MRCP TTS link

Configure the MRCP TTS Servers (The IP Of the machine where u installed TTS and MRCP) , MRCP TTS Default Genders and MRCP TTS Providers.

Restart the CRS Engine.

Then make calls to your application.

Hope this was helpful to you to start with.



Hello Sushma,

Thanks for your response.

This version of the Nauance TTS is included in the IP IVR as the suitable TTS to be used.and the MRCP TTS providers and servers was configured and the staus were IN-SERVICE and REACHABLE respectively.

I installed RealSpeak 4.0 and we installed the language file which is realSpeak 4.0.1-englsh en-US Jill then I installed OpenSpeech Media Server 2.0.

In the configuration file, I cant locate "server.resource.4.url anywhere and I didnt see the server.realspeak4.cache.maxNumber.

When a call is place to the application, the resonse is slient instead of reading the text and immediately gives an error message in the window event viewer of "message too large"

Please, can you assist with this and possible solution.

Thanks in advance.


I am also in the learning phase.

Can u please try this? Instead of installing OpenSpeech Media Server 2.0, install Speech works Media Server after installing Real speak.

The configurations are for the SWMS Server configuration file. After installing Speech Works Media Server, you can find following configuration file in the path :

C:\Program Files\SpeechWorks\MediaServer\Server\config\OSSserver.cfg.

In that you can find the configurations "server.resource.4.url and server.realspeak4.cache.maxNumber.

Modify that file and follow the same steps.

Let me know if this works out.



thanks Sushma,

Is there a difference between the OpenSpeech Media Server and the Speech Work Media Server? and whats the advantage of using the latter?



I am not very sure of the difference. They are just vendor-specific.

SpeechWorks MediaServer software provides an implementation of a standard

protocol interface to a networked recognizer. The Media Resource Control Protocol

(MRCP) provides the basis for communication with the recognizer. The SWMS

software is a network application and contains all the system management and

monitoring software required to manage a speech recognition server remotely.

Speech works Media Server was designed to work with OSR v3.0, Scansoft MRCP Realspeak and/or Scansoft Speech/Pearl XML.

We need to install OSR 3.0 or RealSpeak 4.0 before installing SpeechWorks Media Server.

The OpenSpeechâ„¢ Media Server software product (OSMS) addresses the need for

an open, protocol-based mechanism to get access to speech recognition and text-tospeech

resources within a network.

OpenSpeech Media Server was designed to work with SpeechWorks OSR v3.0 and/or SpeechWorks Speechify 3.0.

We need to install SpeechWorks OSR v3.0 and/or SpeechWorks Speechify 3.0 before installing OSMS.

These are the following compatible versions of MRCP, Realspeak and OSR from different vendors supported by IP IVR 5.0:


SpeechWorks Media Server



Open Speech Recognition Server







MRCP Server

1.0 SP 9

1.0 SP 10*

Speech Recognition

8.5, SP050513

8.5, SP050930*





MRCP Server: MRCP Server


ASR: WebSphere Voice Server





Let me know if your problem is solved now.



Hi I'm just wondering if you could help me with the following question:

Is it OSR Rel. 3.011 and RealSpeak Rel. 4.012 copatible with CRS 5.0 and 7.0.   My understanding is that the versions of the Nuance scansoft software are indeed very old.

I am asking because we are planning to upgrade out current CRS 4.5 engine during this FY and this is obviously a very important piece of information.




I am using RealSpeak 4.0 with UCCX 5.0.2 SR2 and works.

Do you still need help?

I have configure Real Speak 4.0 and Cisco IVR 4.0 and we have some scripts written in English working well but we want to have them in Spanish as well. I installed a secondary Spanish MX Language pack and made changes to the NSServer and OSServer files. But I can't get the secondary language to work. Kindly help me out.

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