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Problem with Agents

Hi there !

I'm facing a problem with the agents.. some of them are working with the phone extension without login into the CAD... I tryied to remove all buttons from the phone screen to force them to use the CAD...

Any ideia for this ?



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Jonathan Schulenberg
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

An agent won't be assigned an ACD call unless they are logged in to CAD or IPPA and ready. What do you mean by the agents are "working with the phone extension"?

I meant that agents are using the phone to make calls instead of CAD.. I'd like them to login in CAD because I can have reports from their calls..


As long as they are signed in to CAD they can make the call from their phone (on the agent line) and it will still be captured in UCCX reporting.

There's no magic solution for agents who won't sign in to CAD though. Time for a little coaching from management. My favorite is deriving their time sheet/paycheck off of the login/logout times of UCCX.

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