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QM recordings start to go out of sync on long calls

Christian Legg
Level 1
Level 1

Hi Folks,

Got a weird one that has been brought to my attention.

On longer calls (15+ minutes), the audio streams on some of our QM recorded calls appear to go out of sync, with the result that we start to hear the caller and the callee talking at the same time.

I understand that QM on the PC records two streams then merges them for upload to the QM server.  It's almost as if the two streams go out of phase with each other.

Anyone got any ideas off the top of their heads?

CM 7.1.5, 7942 phones, QM with desktop/endpoint recording set for end of day/first thing next day upload.

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Christian Legg
Level 1
Level 1

Not sure if this is of interest but I restarted our CMs, QM and 29xx routers over the weekend just gone and have not had any instances of this problem recurring yet.  Only been two days but here's hoping.

Hi Christian.

Did this issue show up again after a system reboot? I'm running into the same issue in an identical environment. The audio in both the Archive and Screen recordings go out of sync after about 10 minutes - off by about 5 seconds for the remainder of the recording.