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Remote Monitoring via PSTN dial-in number

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I have a need to have certain customers be able to remote monitor agents; currently the customer is either on site or connects via VPN to use the Silent monitoring feature; I am wondering if there is any functionality or 3rd party application that would allow a customer to dial-in to a number (from outside) via PSTN and listen to agents who are taking calls from a queue?

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Level 11

I think this is a feature supported in IPCC 40.

The feature is called Supervisor Remote Monitoring. Upto 32 remote monitoring sessions are possible. A report is also generated as to chronological list of monitoring sessions. This is only available in Premium bundle.

You can map a PSTN number to route through CCM->IPCC and then remotely monitor agents.


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Sankar Nair
UC Solutions Architect
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Do you know if this is supported in IPCC Enterprise Edition 6.0 or 7.0; I cannot seem to find any information on this.

This is not currently supported on IPCC Enterprise. For this type of functionality, you would have to look at a 3rd Party recording solution.


- jay

Thank you for the information; can you give a recomendations on 3rd party products for this functionality?

I would suggest that you search the Cisco Developer Program for 3rd Party Recording/ Monitoring Solutions :

Off the top of my head, I believe that both NICE and Witness offer PSTN based monitoring capabilities for IPCC Enterprise.

- jay

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I have used the Metreos Call Monitoring Application to do this. It is pretty easy to setup. Witness has call Monitoring and recording but not PSTN access.