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RONA not working for pre-route IPCC Calls



I'm currently working on NAM/CICM setup at the moment with the following configuration.

1. We have a NAM with Network IVR on the Carrier.

2. The CICM is ICM 7.1.5 with Call Manager 5.0 and IP IVR 5.0

The overview of the call flow is as follow:

1. caller calls toll-free 1800 number

2. As the 1800 number is set as dialed number in the ICM, it will then trigger a routing script.

3. The script basically does the following: play announcement from NIVR and Queue to Skillgoup.

4. IPCC Agent with the skillgroup is available and the ICM instructed the NIC to send the call to the agent using translation route to the agent.

The problem start to occur if the agent does not pick up the call. The call will keep ringing on the agent phone instead of executing the RONA.

I have tested the RONA treatment with post-route from Call Manager and it is working fine.

Has anybody got any recommendations as to why the RONA is failing for the pre-route call?



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Sounds like either you are sending the call to a phone not a queue.

For RONA to work call has to be queued and the agent needs to be logged in and either not pickup or busy etc. You also need to have RONA dfined properly not just dump back.

Do you have multiple agents in this queue ? any details of your script like picture etc will be of help.



Hi Abdul,

I can confirm that the call is not sent to a phone. We set up a route point in the CM and configure the dialed number in ICM and associate it with the RONA Script.

I have also tested using multiple agents and it's still the same.

Anyway, we have opened a tac case and i hope cisco can help us fix this.



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