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sccp dialer in virtual environment - ucce 8.0 enterprise

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according to Cisco's documentation, the sccp version of ucce dialer is not supported on VM enviroment. Can someone explain exactly what does it mean? Is there some technical reason fo that or just for future only sip dialers will get tac support ?


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Gergely Szabo
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VIP Alumni


this means the Configuration Manager won't let you to configure it.

By the way, this was a logical step from Cisco, Skinny is cool but requires a lot of processing resources - unnecessarily.

So the only path you must take is SIP. Try it out. If you get stuck I can help you - a customer of mine has UCCE 8.0 with SIP dialer and it works very well (well, after installing like 3 ES patches )


I'm using ICM 8.03 with the SIP dialer. Works fine for agent based campaigns, but fails on the send to VRU node on an IVR campaign. I have a translation rule for the DN, but am not sure where I reference the label. Do I need a dial peer on the PSTN gateway, or the VXML gateway? I have a static SIP route to the VXML gateway but it still fails. I haven't traced the VRU PG yet, but I guess that's my next step. Since you have a customer with a working SIP dialer, I thought you might point me in the right direction. Thanks.

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yo uhave to creat e a translation route between the Dialer and the VRU peripherals in a similar manner to CUCM - VRU, and reference it in your script.
About theat dial peer: should be on the gateway facing the PSTN, targetting the CUCM's, but I guess you already have got this covered.

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