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Send Agent IP Address to Web Server


Hello Community, 


I have a customer that wants to do an HTTP Post to a web server with the Caller ID of the calling number. The Web Post needs to include the IP Address of the agent's PC so that the web server knows where to display the caller's information. This agent is currently using CAD but will be migrating to Finesse within the next few months.


Any ideas? 

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Anthony Holloway
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee
Look for HTTP Actions in the CAD Admin Guide, Page 113

According to page 132 of the CAD Admin Guide, it doesn't look like Agent PC IP Address is available to send, but you can send the Computer Name. Perhaps, your web team can target the name versus IP?

Look for Add HTTP Request Workflow Action in the UCCX Admin Guide

Like CAD, I don't see a way to send the IP Address of the Agent to the web service, with the stock keywords/tags.

Thanks for the information, Anthony! 

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