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Set Data after using a Place Call step?


Has anyone ever used the Place Call step in CRS and then attached any call data whatsoever to that call?

this apparently cannot be done after 4.0.5sr2.

I am looking for anyway possible to populate data on a call originating from the Place call step. Any ideas are welcome.

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What do you mean by "attached any call data"? What are you trying to accomplish?

I'm trying to populate the peripheral/ECC variables on that call.

Is the outbound call calling an agent? If so, you will need to store the variables into a session that can be resumed by the called script. Unless you have a Mapping ID that the calling script can figure out on it's own, you'll need to send the mapping ID via DTMF to the called script.

Yes, it is calling an agent. We are able to store the variable data, but are unable to set it on the call. We have used both Sessions and external SQL databases. We can see the data when debugging the IVR script, and everything is ok at that point. But when attempting to move it to ICM, the 'Set Enterprise Data' step just simply doesn't work anymore.

This worked on earlier versions of CRS all the way up to 4.05sr2. Any thoughts?

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