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Silent Monitor and Call record with voice vlan

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Level 1

We are pretty new to CCX, and want to get silent monitor and call recording working. I've read a bunch of troubleshooting docs, and a bunch of the discussions here, but I am still unable to get it to work the way that I want.

Heres the setup. The phones are all set to the recommended settings, and the agent pc is plugged into the phone. The data vlan is 111 and the voice vlan is 222. When I run the nicq prog on the agent pc, it can not find the phone, but I can enter the ip in , and it sees the phone. The supervisor laptop can not monitor or record.

If I change the voice vlan to 111, nicq still can not find the phone, but the supervisor can record and monitor with no problem. Is is an issue with 802.1q and perhaps my nics do not support it?

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Aaron Harrison
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni


It could be, but it's pretty rare.

Have you enabled 'PC Port Voice VLAN Access' and 'SPAN to PC Port' on the phone?

Have you tried alternate PCs/laptops on the back of that phone?


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