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Trigger problem - extension automatically creating itself.

Nate Powers

I have this strange issue and I'm not sure what the cause is. So the Unified CM Telephony service keeps dying and taking down CCX with it. I have a trigger (1910), that works fine. After a random amount of time a 1910 directory number shows up in CUCM and knocks the 1910 trigger out of service. If I delete the DN and restart the engine, all is well until it happens again. I can't for the life of me figure out what is causing the problem. A hunt pilot can't exist with DN last time I checked. Is there something in IM&P or Unity replicating to CUCM or something? Pictures below.


I also noticed calls coming inbound that will show up for a split second on people supervisor desktop client. They show as missed calls but they did get answered by other people. Not sure if that is related. 


This is UCCX 10.5 


Thanks in advance for the help!!



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Anthony Holloway
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee
Which 1910 number is the real one in your mind? The DN on the CTI Route Point called Counseling, or the Hunt Pilot with a Hunt List called CounselingHL? I.e., Are you trying to have both 1910's exist at the same time, or are you trying to get rid of one of them?

When you say that you have a Trigger 1910 which works fine, are you referring to the DN on the CTI Route Point in the None partition, or the Hunt Pilot in the GBL-IPPhones-PT partition?

Within UCCX, on the 1910 Trigger, what Partition are you trying to set for it?

Hi Anthony,


I should have prefaced this with "I am not an expert in this system" :)


The way I see this problem is that the DN and Hunt Pilot are conflicting and causing the 1910 trigger to go out of service. If I delete the DN, resync the CM data to UCCX, then restart the engine....the trigger goes back into service and everything is fine and working as expected. A few minutes or hours later the DN shows backup in the route plan report and the trigger shows as out service. When you dial 1910 you should always get the hunt pilot and when UCCX sends the call there in an app it should go to the hunt pilot. That is the way I understand everything. 


Thanks again for your help! I am trying my best to learn this environment and understand all the pieces involved, but I don't have as deep an understanding as I should.

Since you're just learning, I would recommend, to make this easier for you, to re-number the hunt pilot, since it seems like humans dial the UCCX trigger, and then UCCX dials the hunt pilot. Ergo, the hunt pilot number can be anything, as long as you enter it correctly into your UCCX script.

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