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UCCE - IVR 7.0.1 Cannot add triggers


Anyone come across an issue where triggers cannot be added in 7.0.1. New install. Page goes blank every time I try to add a trigger. Everything else is configurable, like cti pors, scripts, prompts, apps, icm subsystem, except for Triggers. 

I am dealing with UCCE integration. I try to create a trigger for translation routing. Web page goes blank. IBM 7835-I3 servers. I also tried to add a trigger for an IVR app too. same issue, the web page errors out. Went to TAC, TAC had no idea on this. I am actually rebuilding the server right now and going to see if it occurs again. But if anyone knows of a resolution for this issue, please let me know.  Thanks.  E

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Andrew Skelly
Rising star
Rising star

Are you using IE or some other browser?  I've had issues in the past using Firefox when attempting to add or upload.

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I tried different browsers. No luck. Anyways, I ended up swapping the drives and rebuilt the server yesterday and it worked fine after that. Funky issue.

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