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UCCX 11.5 Agent State control

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Level 1

Hi guys


Does UCCX have a feature Agent State control? What I mean:

Example 1:

4 agents are on not Ready state, when fifth agent trying go to Not Ready, the system will inform about restriction and says to wait untill one of the 4 not ready agent not come.


Example 2:

Any agent when push the Not Ready Button, first  Supervisor Desktop must approve Not Ready operation, and only after that the agent can go to Not Ready state.


I know about finesse agent state control by supervisor. Supervisor able to force change state of the agents to ready/not ready/logout. But I am interest the solutions above.For your information: I have installed WFO, but they also didn't find this solutions.Please share with your experience

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Mark Swanson
Level 4
Level 4

No... Finesse doesn't have a "Agent State Control" feature. To be completely honest with you, these features don't sound very useful or agent friendly to me.

Using your first example, if Agent #5 really had to use the restroom - do you think they would wait for another agent to go 'Ready' or would they rush out the door and perhaps, quickly announce to other agents to go 'Ready'. Regardless how it goes down, Agent #5 would be the longest available agent because he/she wasn't able to go 'Not Ready' before they stepped away. If the supervisor doesn't change the agent's status, Agent #5 would be presented the next inbound/queued call. You would likely notice more Ring-No-Answer (RNA) events. Likewise with your second example.

Supervisors should be interacting and engaging with agents throughout the day. Properly managing the agent's schedules, breaks, training, etc. to ensure they have enough agents on staff during peak business hours. Most agents follow a schedule. For agents to ask and wait for permission to go 'Not Ready' so they can go to lunch or conduct training, only delays and complicates the process.

This is something you can't do using the existing Reason Codes. When you login to Finesse Administration, click on the [Reasons] tab. This tab is used to define global reason or wrap-up codes. After you create the reason codes, click on the [Team Resource] tab and select a team. Select the (Not Ready) or (Sign Out) tab to add the reason code(s) to this team.

The drop-down reason codes within Cisco Finesse is not a gadget provided by the Desktop Layout. You can develop custom gadgets for about anything. 2Ring has several good examples. Is this type of solution possible? Sure, I guess so. Pulling and presenting this type of data wouldn't be difficult at all. Changing the agent's status wouldn't be a problem either since this feature already exist. However, the agent would have to use the gadget to request to go 'Not Ready' and some kind of embedded webapp (popup) would provide the confirmation you seek. 

Potential problems would be syncing the agent's status between the reason code (drop-down) menu and the gadget. Right now, the reason code menu presents the agent's status to UCCX/CUIC and gadgets using real-time reports relays the agent's status to other agents and supervisors. With custom solutions and introducing confirmation prompts, there could be potential problems with real-time reports. Needless to say, this would likely to increase RNA events as well.

Again, this feature doesn't outweigh the potential risks and time needed to develop this type of solution.



Thank you for answer.