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UCCX 11.5 Java nested exception Error when opening Scripts in CCX Editor

Hi CCX Gurus!

Hope you guys can assist!!


We are running UCCX HA cluster and have recently upgraded to 11.5 from 10.5

So now, When I attempt to open my script that uses Java class using the Unified CCX Editor, I am receiving the following error message:

Failed to load script file; Failed to load script<filename.aef>; nested exception is: invalid type code:01; unable to load expression; ensure all custom classes are available; nested exception is invalid type code:01

Recent Changes:

We built our script using custom Java class 2 years back with UCCX 10.x

And after upgrading it 11.5, I am experiencing the above error when I tries to open through CCX Editor; (image attached)

To me, it seems it maybe due to JRE comapatability as in 10.x we used 1.6.x to compiled our java files to be compatible with UCCX 10 and for 11.5 it says

Any senior guys can suggest if that is how i should be looking into or is it something basic i am missing ? kind of stuck :|

Note:We have restarted CCX Engine and Administration Services on our HA cluster and even restarted the cluster itself. Also made sure .jar file is in the selected side of custom Classes configuration tab. Using CCX Editor of 11.x version and also tried by restarting Editor as well.


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The JRE version shouldn't prevent it from being loaded. You could check MIVR logs to see if it throws up an errors that look interesting, but otherwise the error indicates the custom JAR is not on the class path.

If you want to upload the AEF and JAR I can see if I can open it using some tools we have.


Tanner Ezell

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Thanks Tanner for your interest and responding promptly.

Well, i am bit certain this could be the reason as when i am trying to create a instance in a new script to call that class and relevant method it just not letting and giving me parsing error. 

Anyways, I will share the files with you but was wondering Is there anyway I may send directly to you

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