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Najeeb Mohammad

UCCX 7.0 Screen pop

Hi all,

i am having uccx 7.0 premium + cucm and would like to know whether screen pop up to agents are possible?.

Based on calling number , some data should be fetched to the agent as screen pop from the external database ( oracle ).


Tanner Ezell

I have some questions regarding what you're trying to accomplish.

How much data are you trying to display and in what fashion are you trying to display it? (for example: as a webpage, as an ECC field, etc)

If you have relatively minimal information to display, you can use ECC variables, add them to your layout via the CDA web interface, and then set them via the Set Enterprise Call Info step.

Tanner Ezell

CAD is only capable of passing enterprise data to another application. It cannot perform database lookups on its own. Your options are:

1)    If it is browser-based, you can execute an HTTP POST or GET within the integrated browser.

2)    If the application will accept it, you can pass an IPC call (Inter-Process Communication) to it. This is a formatted UDP packet that CAD would send, typically on a loopback address, to a port the other application is listening on.

3)    If the action can be repeated with a consistent series of key strokes, you can call a macro to replay that key sequence, effectively paste the data into the correct field, and execute the search.

You can use the Cisco Desktop Administrator User Guide for CAD 6.6 for Unified CM as documentation on how to setup workflows within CAD.

You will need to use Enterprise Data to pass the caller ID information (or anything else you want CAD to get). This has been covered on the forum many times. Here is one example to get you started:

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