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UCCX 8.02 DB Read Timeout

John Irey

I know there used to be a bug with the DB Read Timeout not working in version 7.  Has anyone gotten DB Read timeout to work in version 8?  I have a database on each side of my WAN and would like to programatically go to the 2nd database if my primary site is offline.  From all the testing I have done, it seems like no matter what I set my timeout to the read step just hangs.

What i have found with my script being process on the primary or HA server:

1.  If the primary database server is on the network, but the SQL engine is off, the read step goes to conenction not available almost instantly

2.  If the primary database server is off the netowrk, the read step hangs (no matter what I set the timeout to)

I am currently getting around this my reading the http://<ccx ip>uccx/isDBMaster url to see which side my script is running on and then going to a label in my code to use one of the database connections.

Any better ways to do this, or ways to make the db read actually timeout?

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