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Ask Me Anything - October 2020


UCCX 8.5.1 - CAD Call Control problems.

I've opened a TAC Case regarding this, but I figured posting this one here as well couldn't hurt.

Here's the scenario, and note it affects inbound calls from the PSTN via the SIP Gateway to CUCM to the UCCX as well as CUCM phone to phone calls.

Called into my test ACD phone from another CUCM phone and answered using the ACD. The call answered, and for exactly 1 minute the CAD was un-responsive. I regain call control. Attempt to put the call on hold using the HOLD button. I click it, the call HOLDS then immediately UNHOLDS and the CAD again goes unresponsive, this time for closer to 30 seconds. I then again put the call on HOLD, it HOLDS now correctly, but the CAD locks for 10 seconds, I take the call off HOLD and I again can speak to the other phone.

I click TRANSFER and get the Transfer a call keypad. I select a number from the list (my Cel Phone) and double click it. The Transfer A Call window locks up for the duration of the call. I can control the call via the phone to complete the transfer, but the Window doesn't close until almost 30 seconds after the call was released to the switch.

I have not attempted Conference as I feel little confidence this would be successful.

The same is repeatable to any call sent to the CSQ and answered normally.

UCCX 8.5.1

CUCM 8.5.1

12 Agents + 2 Supervisors

Win7, Vista, and some XP

All agents can log in successfully, and can continue to take calls as they are presented to the phone.  They can also hold, transfer, etc via the phone.  It's only the CAD that's affected.


Is your agent desktops showing as in service? Check the info bar across the bottom of the desktop. It should say 'In Service', If it says partial service, there is something wrong on the server side, or CAD cannot connect to UCCX fully for some reason e.g. blocked ports.

My suggestion is to turn off any firewalls on the client machines, ensure all services in UCCX are up and running. If you have to leave a firewall between CAD and UCCX, check out the CAD port utilisation guide..



Upgrading from the Base software to SU03 resolved the issue.

Delays in processing were "undocumented features" in the code, as per TAC.

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