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UCCX Call Control Group


Ive been getting back in UCCX lately and need a brain refresher.  I have UCCX Application already stood up and working currently.  However, I uploaded a new license file to increase my premium seats and available IVR Ports.  


My question is, I want to add additional CTI Ports to my Call Control Group.  Its currently set to 5 CTI Ports and I want to increase it to 10. My steps are below

1. Added 5 additional CTI Ports to CUCM 1005-1009

2. Added those DN's to the JTAPI App group (still shows unregistered)


Do I have to increase the CTI Ports in the Call Control Group from 5 to 10 in order for them to register? I know CCX will automatcially create a CTI RP in CUCM via AXL.  Just cant remember the CTI Port part.  Or should I just do a JTAPI resync from CCX?

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Chris Deren
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Hall of Fame Master

You should not be adding anything in CUCM, you need to change the number of ports desired as you point out on CCX side and that will trigger AXL to build those ports on CUCM side and those should register.

Ok thanks for that info.  Starting to come back now.  After hours tonight ill just increase the ports from 5 to 10 in my call control group in UCCX.  From there ill double check it created my CTI Ports in CUCM and that they are registered. 

NP, before you do that make sure that the new extensions that will be added do not already exist in CUCM as otherwise it will fail.  

Thank You. I will keep you posted after I do the work tonight. Thanks again
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