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UCCX Callback script help


Hi Guys,

My first foray into IPCC based scripting and I've run into a few problems.

Firstly, what I'm trying to do, is allow a user to press a button during during the queue process, which then allows them to manually input their call back number.

Once an agent becomes available, the system calls the agent and the callback number and connects them..

I've attached the script that I'm working with, and the log file.

What I'm seeing is, I can get one call queued, and it works fine, the agent comes online, the system calls the agent prompts them to initiate the callback (press any key) and then connects them to the user.

When I have multiple callbacks in the queue I get the "Narky Lady" informing me we have system problems. This happens to all the queued callbacks.

The second part is I'm getting "Event queue time exceeded" and the call is being dropped out of the queue after the callback has been queued.

I'm running CUCM & UCCX 7.0(1)_Build168

Any help would be appreciated, or if someone could point me to a working example?


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I don't have a 7.0 editor avaialble. Can you attach a screenshot of the script?

As requested.



There are several items that could be causing the issue. I'm assuming that the Place Call step is calling a route point and ultimately a script that is placing the call in queue.

How many sessions do you have available for this second queue application?

Prior to your Place Call step, you need to dequeue the call and terminate the original call leg.

Remove the Set Contact Info step from the Wait For Agent section.

I'm not sure why you have the Play Prompt after the call has been connected. I would play the caller in the Get Digit String under the Wait For Agent section.

Those changes should get this to work as long as my original assumptions are correct.

You may want to consider some additional factors in your next revision of this script:

-What if an agent hangs up on the queue callback request? You can use the On Exception Goto and catch the ContactInactiveException to work around this issue.

-You will need to handle the busy, invalid, and unsuccessful nodes in the Call Redirect step. I would suggest creating a loop and having it requeue the call again up to 3 times.

-When you get the callback number, make sure to get 7 or 10 digits depending on your requirements. You amy also need to prepend a 1 to those numbers outside of your local area codes.

-This script may be strange for agents to handle because they don't have the name of the caller. You could have the caller record their name and play it in the callback loop with the phone number.



Have you managed to solve your error "Event queue time exceeded"? If yes, could you share what have you done to resolve it, as I also face this same error.




can you please share your working callback script?

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