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UCCX - Default Team Showing Agents from other Teams?

Matthew Martin

Hello All,


UCCX: 10.6(1)

*Using Supervisor Desktop, not Finesse...


We left our Main CSQ's Agents in the Default Team, and then created a couple other Teams for some of our smaller CSQs, that have a different set of Agents assigned to each of those. For some reason (*unless this is meant to work this way), Agents from those other smaller CSQs are still showing up when you select the "Default" team in Supervisor, even though they are not in the "Assigned Resources" section of the Default Team's configuration.


Any idea why this is? I was told Agents can only be a part of one Team.


And, even stranger, one of the smaller teams, which has about 6 Agents in it. 2 of those Agents are showing under Default and the smaller Team. But the other 4 Agents are only showing in the smaller team and not Default... I double checked the Team configuration in UCCX and they are configured correctly, so not sure the problem.


We did have UCCX go into Island mode for a short period of time a few days ago. But, its all back to normal now...



The Agents that are NOT a part of Default Team, but are showing under the Default Team, are NOT showing in the Smaller Team as well, as I stated above. So those few Agents are only showing under Default instead of only the Smaller Team.


Thanks in Advance,


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