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UCCX Finesse silent monitoring for direct dial calls

Ian Brennan
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I completely understand that Finesse is geared towards the inbound contact center, at least for right now.  Although I can't say the marketing materials really stress that.   But I cannot understand the lack of silent monitoring for all call types.  Currently silent monitoring only works for inbound calls from UCCX, and does not function for direct inbound calls, or direct dialed outbound calls.

From a system view, Finesse is using UCM's built in silent monitoring, via a very basic JTAPI command.  There is very little engineering required to enable this functionality, and I truly thing is is a major limiting issue.  Many customers in fact only want the ability to do silent monitoring and basic reporting, and Finesse would be a perfect product for this.

I am considering looking at putting together some custom scripts/web apps to engage the required JTAPI in CUCM via a Finesse Gadget, to replace the built in Finesse silent monitoring function.  I'm curious if anyone has some input on how involved that might be, seems like I just really need to pass the monitoring DN and monitored DN through a JTAPI command.

More importantly, is there any hope for Finesse to support this natively?  Or other outbound features? If it's a feature "in the works" we have a customer who might be able to "get by" using the Cisco Agent Desktop silent monitoring, but only if that is the case.



Good link on silent monitoring capability in Cisco Finesse:

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