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UCCX Get Reporting Statistic - Limiting Queue Size

I have a Get Reporting Statistic that queries the Position in Queue of the caller. If the caller is >15 it dequeues the calls and sends it to an alternate location. Clients wants to query the queue early in the  script before the call is queued so they don't waste the callers time listening to prompts, etc.


Small problem, we get an influx of calls before the queue becomes full. So initially we get 20-30 calls right when it opens, so the queue is empty. So once the intial calls come in, the queue query starts working but there is 10+ calls in queue.


I could then filter the calls once they are in queue, but callers have already went through all the menu prompts..Seems the queue fills up so quickly that there is an opening I am missing, but for the rest of the day we are fine.


Is there an easier Get Reporting field I could query, total contacts, etc that I could use to accomplish this or a something other that get reporting statistic?

Amer rajai Sha'er
Rising star

Place a fake queue on the first of the script and do a statistic based on it.

Interesting idea. I am trying to wrap my head on how that would work. If I create a fake CSQ and have calls immediately enter this select resource step, queue them then go to the next step, would this be considered a "fake call in queue" for the remainder of the steps, even though the call doesn't go into a hold pattern. Then query this CSQ for position and dump accordingly?




Forget that it is a fake queue and act as a normal queue and customer asked you to add an IVR in queue and in specific case of digits transfer it to another queue ، so basically let all calls fall into start queue, by default since no agents are there they will go to queue, then do two get statstista function to get the calls in queue now for this queue and the live queue, if both equals 15 drop the call or saysorry , if not proceed with the normal IVR, be aware to make a dequeue step before you quauqthe call to the agents queue.

Thank you. I will try that. For some reason I didn't see this response until now. Usually it notifies me.
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