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UCCX integration with oracle righnow and Microsoft microsoft dynamics


I want to know the possible option to integrate UCCX with oracle rightnow and Microsoft Dynamics.

all I have found to do such integration is via a 3rd party software (CRM connector) to interface with the CRM and uccx.


My questions:

in order to have customer information pop-up to agents when receiving  client calls :


1- Can I do such integration without CRM connector or it is mandatory?

2- What are the configuration done on uccx to integrate with CRM connector and does it require any software development?


BR ,,,,

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Andreas Stuber

Hello Karim,


We build a CTI connector between UCCX and Oracle Rightnow (now called Oracle Service Cloud),

and three connectors to Microsoft Dynamics , the most powerful being the one via Microsoft Unified Service Desk :


Of the three connectors to MS Dynamics CRM, you could develop the screen-pop connector with the Finesse API's without too much effort (the challenge here is often multiple logins, SSO and the like).





Thanks Andreas for your reply.. :)


But I have a few questions my you please:


1- Is CRM is madatory to do such integration with the oracle rightnow? why?

2- Cannot we develop the UCCX web service to integrate directly with the Oracle rightnow?



Hello Karim,


The integration to MSCRM is independent of the integration to Oracle Rightnow (=Oracle Service Cloud ) Oracle CX). You would normally have either one or the other, but not both, for a typical call. You could set up certain agents to work primarily with the CRM (for sales/ marketing), and certain other agents using Oracle Service Cloud (for ticketing/ service) - technically that's feasible but unusual.


Yes you can develop your own Finesse Workflow of course, which can trigger a popup in an external window. In that case as mentioned, look at login/ SSO issues. You would also have to manually swap between the CRM and Finesse, which can become cumbersome for Outbound campaigns for example.

Or you create your own Finesse Gadget, extract customer info from either MSCRM or Oracle CX, and then show it (in read-only mode?) to the agent - you would then have customer info, but not the CRM or CX user interface.


Good luck!


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