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UCCX query

Jonn cos
Level 4
Level 4

Hi all,

A client wants a simple contact center solution with 5 agents for now and 40 total agents in coming year. So i think UCCX is appropriate. There is one thing that is confusing me,

1) When a user will call, first time the agent will input that data in a database (CRM ?) and next time when the call comes from the same number, all his related information shall be displayed on screen.

Now do Cisco provides any inhouse solution that meets this requirement ?

Pls guide

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Aaron Harrison
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

Hi John

There are various 'connector' packages out there for the likes of SalesForce etc (
) but in general the implementation of integration to the customer's CRM package is the job of the Cisco Partner or engineer. You wouldn't enter customer information into UCCX itself, but into a CRM app, and UCCX would 'trigger' the CRM app.

How that is done can take many forms:

Database/ODBC integration - e.g. looking up customer information during the 'script' phase of the call based on the customer CLI or account number that they enter

Web Service integration - SOAP/AXL or other such calls to web applications

Desktop Integration - e.g. keystroke macros, or calls to local applications or HTTP URLs to trigger or retrieve information

So the bottom line is that yes, you can do it, but what you can do depends on what CRM package the customer uses, and what APIs/methods of intregration are available. If you are 'lucky' they might use a package that there is an off-the-shelf integration for, but those would typically involve additional cost anyway...


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Dear Aaron,

Thanks alot for the support. There is one thing more, i think the client doesnt have a CRM as of now. Can i recommend any open source or other highly supported CRM ?

What can you suggest if you were to design this solution