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Level 1
Level 1

our uccx script is triggered via REST API and gets some info then it automatically generates a call to the first person on their cellphone and redirects this call to second person's cellphone.
after both parties are connected the script is ended. at this stage we need to provide these requirements via JTAPI or any other way :
the requirements of this project are:

- disconnect an outgoing call to PSTN after a certain amount of time from cucm or gateway side via TCL scripting (its a outgoing call between two cellphones and this is not for every call)

- play a warning prompt 1min before disconnecting a call

- get some information from this call like who disconnected it or duration of call , etc

In Addition, in this project we have:
Cisco Router 2921

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Graham Old
Level 7
Level 7

A long time ago I tried to write a tcl script that limited how long a call could ring for. Agents in the CC would try to call people back and if the customer did not answer and they did not have an answer phone the agent would just sit there for several minutes listening to the phone ringing.

Although it dropped the call after the timer expired it did not handle errors like busy so it never got used.

I did not find tcl scripting very easy but the attached script may be of use to you as a starting point to drop a call after a specific time.