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updating call variables during call from another web page

Ahmed habib

Hello, I need help with this case please.

I am using UCCX 11.5 and have a scenario

I developed a script to ask customer for complain ID and integrate it with database to show complain history on another web page contain DB of the company . when an old customer call and forgot complain id, The agent ask him other related questions. I want these data entered in the web page to update automatically in the call variables on finesse


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Anthony Holloway
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee
You might need to look at the Finesse API, or the Sample Gadgets to achieve this.

I'm kind of thinking the Sample Gadget could be the "Update Call Variable Data Sample Gadget"

Found here:!sample-gadgets/sample-gadgets

Hello @Anthony Holloway, I'm already applying this gadget in another scenario

but in this case I want agent enter data in the external web page and these data automatic updating variables on finesse desktop

I don't want the agent to manually write anything on finesse, Do you understand me ?

You would need to modify that external web server to send an API request to Finesse, upon changing the value in that page. So, unless you control that web server, which I'm guessing you don't, since you seem like a Collaboration Engineer, then you'll have to work with your Web Development team to get that server feature added.
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