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User Cannot logout from Finsse service - Extension Mobility


Hi Cisco Team,


I need help, I have Cisco contact center and Cisco call manager

uccx - 11.0

cucm - 11.5


we are using 7841 ip phones along with extension mobility, then logging into fippa

users are stucked/logged in finnse, inorder to get them out we need to restart the service.


can you please suggest us on how to use finsse service.

each user with their own extension should be able to login into finesse service, so that when we pull the reports we can find out the number of calls attained by them



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I have checked this link for configuration, but my only question is that when we use extension mobility with 7841 ip phones and then uses the fippa service, the users are able to logon to contact center service but sometimes contact center phones are stucked which means the ready/no ready and signout those not work. the only option is to restart finsse service. every time we cant restart the service. to avoid this we need to remove the extension mobility service from phones and only use fippa service


now the only option is to move physically the phones when different users are using the phones.

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