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Using session variable and values in CVP Reporting (CUIC)


Is it possible to use session variables and their values in CVP CUIC reporting. (Call Detail Report) ?

Basically my requirement is to set some session vars and add it to activity log and then have the CUIC report app read the data from activity log for report generation? Is that possible ? Has any one worked on this before ? Please let me know. Your inputs will be greatly appreciated.

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Jameson Gagnepain
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Rising star

CVP activity logs are text files. CUIC only reports on data in SQL or Informix.

If you have CVP Reporting Server, you can enable Filters in the VXML Server Configuration in CVP OAMP to record variables directly to the CVP database (an Informix DB that CUIC can read).

If you don't have CVP Reporting Server, you can return your session variables to ICM, and record them there as ECC variables, which you can then report on using TCD reporting. The Termination_Call_Variable table keeps all values of ECC variables that have been marked "Persistent" in the Expanded Call Variable List tool. Termination_Call_Variable.TCDRecoveryKey should match with Termination_Call_Detail.RecoveryKey.




We do have CVP Reporting server (CUIC). Can the reporting server access the session variables set in the applicaiton via. Cisco Call Studio ? Thanks in advance..!


You can access session variable   if it is logged to the activity logs and then sent you can set vxml inclusive filters in OAMP to capture it.


Ron Nelson

Specifically this is typically stored in the VXMLCustomContent table inside the Informix database. I recommend doing some digging in the CVP Reporting schema guide. Depending on your reporting needs, I don't think directly accessing this data from CUIC is very efficient. In the past we've written customer summary tables to report from CUIC.

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