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WFO QM Backup Server

Hello everyone,


How can I set up a recording backup server properly ? the documentation provided by Calabrio is not that clear about that particular point, Tried to install a second server and ended up by destroying the config in the primary server and did everything from scratch


my goal is to have a recording backup server that can handle recorded calls and archive them when the primary is down

Any input is appreciated




Hello, Sorry for the late answer,

Can you share a screenshot of these services when it asks you to select the servers to install ?


I also doing a similar setup to obtain backup for qm recording. one thing I need to know is have you clustered the SQL servers on both servers. or servers are running as standalone servers?

Hi hasunm522,
For me no I didn’t cluster SQL together, servers are working as a stand-alone from SQL perspective.

Hi Hassan,
What are the services that you have installed on secondary server. when event of a failure how the process happens ?

Hi Hasunm,


for me I only installed the following components:

Signaling Services
 CTI Service
Recording Services
Site Upload Services
Database Services
Encoding Services
Reconciliation Services
Monitoring Services


so all services except for:

Web Base Services
Operational Base Services


  • for the operation, assuming you are using BiB for recording. If the primary base server goes down then the backup recorder will continue to record calls but they will just sit on its disk drive until the primary comes back up. Calls will then be moved to long term storage (of the primary server) and you can play them back via the web interface of the primary recording server.
  • You don't have control over which CTI service is the active one and if they do changeover they will not automatically change back.
  • The two CTI servers will run in an Active/Standby mode and only the active one will respond to the SIP pings, that's why on CUCM the SIP trunk to the STANDBY server will be shown as "No Service".



Kindly rate useful reply.


Hi Ahmed,



What if i've accidentally install all of QM components in the secondary server. How to safely remove Web Base Services & Operational Base Services without affecting production?





Have you tried running it with all the components on the secondary server. Not sure if there would be an impact. If you have and it is causing issues, you will need to run a repair on that installation or reinstall from scratch. In order to keep it from impacting production, remove all references to the secondary from the primary server and then complete the tasks. I would still do it after hours though, and if you are 24/7 do it a low traffic point, just to be safe.


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