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Whisper Announcement(s) in UCCE 11.0

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Our Sales would like to have multiple whisper announcements in a single UCCE script based on dialed number/call type.  I have built a test script with three different dialed numbers, call types and associated whisper announcements.  

The first dialed number/whisper announcement is fine.  However, when the script passes the first dialed number node and follows the path for the second dialed number, the second announcement does not play; instead the agent hears a funky ringback tone and the call never connects to the agent.  This also occurs for the third dialed number.  

I've attached a screen shot of my test script.  

Thanks for any and all solutions or suggestions!  

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Eliminate the basics. Try and have the first number that works follow the 2nd numbers whisper setting (in case it is something like that whisper file not being recorded/not the correct format, etc. for for the 2nd number).

Then, do the opposite, have the 2nd number route to the first number's whisper setting to see if it is something specific/different about the 2nd number's configuration for instance.

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bill.king1, thanks for responding. 

I am using three DNs and three different whisper announcements.  I have tried moving the recordings around and moving the DNs around.  The problem seems to be with two of the DNs, as I can get any of the three announcements to play with one of the three DNs, but none of the announcements will play when the call comes in on either of the other two DNs regardless of the order of the DNs in the script.  Always get the odd ringback tone instead of the announcement and the call won't connect to the agent. 

I would guess that the two numbers that don't work don't route in the same manner as the number. For instance, you need to make sure that the ringtone and whisper dial peers are covered as far as your gateway dial peers/CVP configuration.

Here's a link that covers some of the things you'll want to double check:

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I used the same document to develop the script for whisper announcement.  

I have added 9191* to the dialed number pattern in the CVP Ops Console.  

I am using one DID (which plays the whisper announcements just fine) and two toll free numbers (which play the funky ring back tone to the agent instead of the whisper announcement) in my test.  The toll frees route to the script and when no agents are available, the script plays as normal.  The DID terminates at a location in California, the toll frees terminate at a location in Colorado, which is the only difference.  

We are UCCE v11if that makes a difference.  


And you have 9191 dial peers to support ringtone and whisper on the combo gateways and/or VXML gateways (depending on how you're set up as far as gateways)?

And those gateways have the same version of the ringtone service/TCL files deployed from the CVP Ops Console (i.e. you're not using version 9 files with CVP version 11)?

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I think that does narrow it down to the gateways, as the files play when the call comes through the gateway at one location but not through the gateway at the other location. 

I don't work with the gateways, so I will need to check with our network admins on that. 


Hi, were you ever able to determine your issue?

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Not yet, haven't been able to spend time with our network folks to look at the gateways yet. 

Thanks for checking! 

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Per our network group, the tcl file information is identical on each gateway:  
# Script last modified by: chleblan
# Script Version: CVP_11_0_1_0_0_0_335
# Script Name: ringtone.tcl
# Script Lock Date: 4/24/2008

I've attached the CVP log.  

Thanks for any help!  

I'm assuming this is for the bad call? If so, I'd do two things if you can so you can compare:

Pull the same log for a good call

Get the full gateway config for both.

For instance, it looks like there's a reference to a SIP error 488 in your whisper calls

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Unfortunately, I don't have a successful call that I can pull on a CVP log. 

I thought you had said that whisper was working on calls that come in on other gateways/CVPs/dialed numbers, correct?

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Unfortunately, that gateway is not captured in the CVP logs.  Our contact center calls all go through one of three other gateways (sites) in our network.  I didn't realize that the one gateway was not captured in CVP when I started testing and ran the original test calls through this site. 

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The 9191* dial patterns are in CVP OPS and have been deployed.  

Is there a specific TCL file I should be looking at?  Looking at the gateway, all of our TCL files were updated when upgraded to UCCE v11 last fall.  


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