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Sandeep Singh
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This is the Q&A from "UCS Firmware Upgrade and General Troubleshooting"


UCS Firmware Upgrade and Troubleshooting Related:

Q: Not getting matrix for most of version in tool.
A: Please use this link

Q: Not getting compatibility for most of compatibility
A: You would need to choose firstly on C series  or B series and accordingly we would get the options

Q: Its not showing the series which i am looking for ucs-c210-m2
A: Every Qtr and depends on the critical bugs

Q: We are getting conflicting response
A: Please refer the PDF document and cross check with TAC engineer

Q: does cisco supports b series Still?
A: Cisco B-series is the blade server environment

Q: Do we have to upgrade blades one by one or can i upgrade all the blades at a time ?
A: Both options are available, we will cover both

Q: When we should upgrade the BIOS and the BMC ? I mean in the order  ?
A: Please refer the upgrade guide, it mentions the order of the components to be upgraded

Q: After upgrading fw to 2.1 3a the vem components of esx distributed switch were deleted ?
A: Was there an issue ? Was there a TAC case opened?

Q: Yes the vmware distributed switch vem components were deleted from the esx box
A: Ok, please have a TAC case opened to look into the issue

Q: How frequently a fw comes in ucs?
A: Every Qtr and important Bugs which we come across

Q: What does the option recover server does?
A: It will be covered in the session. In summary it gives u option to recover server from corrupt bios, cimc etc

Q: And start fault supression?
A: This is to supress the faults but it does not clear tha alerts. It simply supresses the fault to avoid any snmp alarms etc.

Q: What is recommendation way to upgrade the firmware version – Manual or Auto Firmware Upgrade ?
A: No specific recommendations. It is about user comfort. USe auto if you are unaware of not comfortable with manual upgrade.

Q: If we select to recover cimc/bios does it need a reboot?
A: if it is only CIMC recovery--> No but if it is BIOS it wil reboot.

Q: Can all the events from the console be sent as SNMP traps to a destination ?
A: Refer the following link for version 2.0

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debasish rout

Dear Sandeep;

Really appreciated your Tips ehre.

I am very new to UCS world and  we had one issue and after opening a case with  TAC they found a bug and they want us to carry on the work around as our own or the help of AS team.

The bug link is as below.

The issue now for me is the i have not much idea about all the dependencies associated with teh IOM firmware upgarde and the system is in production so I am afraid of doing this.My question is.


1.SHould I do the firmware upgarde of IOM only or all the other UCS components firmware kie FI,CIMC etc?

2.How to verify the firmware compatibility?

3.I know the firmware upgrade procedure and I did it in my training in fastlane but how to do all these i am lost?


Appreciate your valuable reply.





Hi Dehashis,

I'm in the process of building an action plan to perform my first UCS B Series firmware upgrade and found this great blog from Chris Murray.  His website is unfortunately down at the moment - but I found the his article copied over onto this other blog with further comments added:

Good luck and please consider sharing the lessons learned from your upgrade.


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