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3132Q-V: Verifying if any issues with the transceiver

We had a few alerts as below and received in the log back to October of 2018, when we were trying different transceivers/cables. After that day, and completed the setup, it's been about 4 months now, there have been no any alerts like this ever happened:

%ETHPORT-3-IF_UNSUPPORTED_TRANSCEIVER: Transceiver on interface Ethernet1/1/1 is not supported


So, my question, how do we know if the transceiver really works fine now? Please find the following output. From the output, can Expert here let me know if we are alright here? Thank you!


# show interface transceiver details
transceiver is present
type is 10Gbase-SR
name is AVAGO
part number is AFBR-703SMZ-NA4
revision is G2.3
serial number is AD1439A049F
nominal bitrate is 10300 MBit/sec
Link length supported for 50/125um OM2 fiber is 82 m
Link length supported for 50/125um OM3 fiber is 300 m
cisco id is 3
cisco extended id number is 4
cisco product id is SFP-10G-SR

SFP Detail Diagnostics Information (internal calibration)
Current Alarms Warnings
Measurement High Low High Low
Temperature 34.35 C 85.00 C -5.00 C 80.00 C 0.00 C
Voltage 3.31 V 3.59 V 3.00 V 3.46 V 3.13 V
Current 5.94 mA 10.50 mA 2.50 mA 10.50 mA 2.50 mA
Tx Power -2.47 dBm 3.01 dBm -8.99 dBm -1.02 dBm -4.98 dBm
Rx Power -2.83 dBm 3.01 dBm -15.08 dBm -1.02 dBm -15.08 dBm
Transmit Fault Count = 0
Note: ++ high-alarm; + high-warning; -- low-alarm; - low-warning


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Re: 3132Q-V: Verifying if any issues with the transceiver

Just had quick look the SFP you have 3rd party.


name is AVAGO

part number is AFBR-703SMZ-NA4


you can put the command as below :


interface Ethernet1/1/1

service unsupported-transceiver


Warning: When Cisco determines that a fault or defect can be traced to the use of third-party transceivers installed by a customer or reseller, then, at Cisco's discretion, Cisco may withhold support under warranty or a Cisco support program. In the course of providing support for a Cisco networking product Cisco may require that the end user install Cisco transceivers if Cisco determines that removing third-party parts will assist Cisco in diagnosing the cause of a support issue.



Other side there is also bug reported depend version code you running, worth cehck the bug. ( effected version 7.0(3)I4(7))


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Re: 3132Q-V: Verifying if any issues with the transceiver


I have follow-ups:

1. What does "service unsupported-transceiver" really do for me? Does that mean the transceiver will get supported after complete this command?

2. Can I run this command on the fly?
3.there is no such command on System version: 7.0(3)I4(1)
4.The port seems running for 4 months. We have seen some drops, would they be caused by the transceivers?
what command to tell me it's partner port where it is connecting to?


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