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 Hi All, odd issue with setting up a VPC between two Nexus 7k and two 6509's. Hardware  cisco Nexus7000 C7004  version 6.2(10) I have two Nexus 7k's that I setup a VDC for our DMZ vlan. Goal is to span the DMZ vlan from the 6500's to the new DMZ VDC ...

VPC Topology.JPG
dan hale by Level 3
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Resolved! 40G MTU With SVI

If I have Trunk 40G QSFP , and the MTU Layer 2 for that 9216 bytes , in that trunk allowed 2 VLANs 10,20 . Those VLANs are SVI . ( VLAN Interface ) the question do I have to check the MTU for Thoses SVI .  If YES , where the change should be in MTU L...

Hi, Does anyone know if it is possible to configure egress shaping on a Nexus 9K interface that can then prioritise traffic within the shaper's queue similar to nested policy maps on IOS? I have a 200/1000Mbps WAN circuit connected to one of the fron...

dm2020 by Level 1
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Hi,     I found when I config two leaf switch as vpc , and map one layer 2 vlan to one vxlan vnid, and found spanning tree on this vlan has gone, and layer3 vni vlan has spanning tree running .    is this normal behavior  on nexus 93180EX switch!    ...

fly by Level 2
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Halo,   We have switch 9500 with version 7.0.3.I1.3  and 6.1.2.I3.2 and have two supervisor want upgrade to version  7.0(3)I4(8b), so the question is? 1. Whats the upgrade path and intermediate version? 2. Whats the command to execute ISSU? install a...