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Resolved! Nexus 9300 DFA support

Good morning,I am wondering if the Nexus 9300 could be used in a DFA enabled network, the goal being that if you need to deploy new leaf/distribution switches you can make your way from DFA to ACI with a phased approach.Regards,Luc Robalo.

Resolved! Question about VDC on Nexus 6001 and 6004

Hello,   I wonder if Nexus 6001 and 6004 support virtual contexts (VDC). I thought they couldn't but I found a brief reference of it (at least for Nexus 6004) in a Cisco Live 2013 presentation (BRKARC-3453 Cisco Nexus 6000 Architecture). It shows Nex...

j-carles by Beginner
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Resolved! Cisco N1K -L3 mode configured but vemcmd-health check show "supports L2 only" and port is blocked

hi,I am trying to setup Cisco N1K on a vCenter 5.5 using L3 mode, however it shows on the ESX host that it only supports L2 and the port group shows as blocked by Admin.In the basic setup I have used L3 mode in the Ethernet port-group I am using trun...

aqiqulhoda by Beginner
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Cloudlab access for Partners

I've been told that Cisco Partners could access by using their CCO ID and having a Cisco Sponsor, but I don't know how I can sponsor a partner to let him access Cloudlab. Where can I find the procedure ? thanks in advan...

gmotta by Cisco Employee
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Dropping received frames from duplicate VSM saddr in Nexus 1010

Hello,I have a Nexus 1010 with a VSM and NAM deployed. All work fine but i see "Dropping received frames from duplicate VSM saddr" logs. My Nexus 1010 is deployed in type 3 uplink mode. Ethernet 1 connect to port gi0/1 and ethernet 3 connect to gi0/5...

all things 8

Hi Guys,We have been working with PNSC 3.0(2e) and VSG  4.2(1)VSG2(1.1) running on top of 1000v switch 4.2(1)SV2(2.1a).We are using VMWare 5.5.Note: These are not Cisco Licenses, they are running in a Licensed VMWare Plus platform and we have downloa...

hando_gin by Beginner
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vm n1kv connectivity

We have 5 uplink port channels with 2 nic each with UCS.We were originally receiving the below error msg.2014 Apr  4 15:53:22.780 GW-VBK1-ENT-NX1000 %VEM_MGR-SLOT8-2-VEM_SYSLOG_CRIT: VLAN_MISCONFIG : Po27 and Po26 are carrying vlans [3208-3209]. Conf...

Resolved! split brain 1000v

I think I have a pair of 1000v that are not connected anymore together, one does not recognize the otherone should be active and one should be secondarysh system redundancy statusRedundancy role---------------      administrative:   secondary        ...

Dragomir by Beginner
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1000v SSL Cert Expired

All,we are receiving an SSL certificate has expired trap for our 1000v's. We received this for our UCS FI's, and the fix was simple to find, however when doing a similar search for this trap on the 1000v, i've been unable to find any specific informa...

james21970 by Beginner
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Remove the overdraft licenses on nexus1000v

Hi all, after an upgrade to SV2(2.2) , i have my 19 vem modules changed the uuid , so i have 38 vem modules  , with the first 19 missing.. I transfer the first 19 licences to the pool and then i removed the old uuid vem ( conf t  no vem 3 - no vem 18...

fedcre by Beginner
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system parameter with n1k (hyper-v)

Hello,There is a project in our organization to deploy a Microsoft virtualization infrastructure. Most of our networking gear is from Cisco, so presently we are evaluating the Nexus 1000v for Hyper-V. We have a setup in a lab with SCVMM, AD and two H...

frroy by Beginner
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