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Nexus %KERN-2-SYSTEM_MSG: logg error - System version: 7.0(3)I4(6)

Level 1
Level 1

I`m getting alot of logging error, who repeat:

%KERN-2-SYSTEM_MSG: [38069156.726580] mts_print_longest_queue_state: opcode counts for first and last 50 messages in recv_q of sap 1016: - kernel
%KERN-2-SYSTEM_MSG: [38069156.726585] mts_print_msg_opcode_in_queue: opcode 19 - 2 messages - kernel
%KERN-2-SYSTEM_MSG: [38069156.726587] mts_print_msg_opcode_in_queue: opcode 1151 - 98 messages - kernel
%KERN-2-SYSTEM_MSG: [38069166.875486] mts_acquire_q_space() failing - no space in sap 1016, uuid 249 send_opc 1151, pid 12895, proc_name bcmDPC - kerne


Does anyone know what it means, and do I have to do something about it, to fix it? 

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Level 4
Level 4

Could be a defect. You may have to work with Cisco TAC

David Castro F.

Hello RV Network,


It seems to be that the LC CPU could be very busy, below the information I found with a workaround:


When the linecard CPU is busy. (cpu being busy is the cause of the mts buffers
leak. Not viceversa).
Under rare conditions when processor is busy, there can be mts buffer leak when
the statsclient process is unable to respond to requests within specified time
limit. If this rare condition persists for months, then processes cant
communicate with statsclient process on that module (affecting statistics
collection on a module).

Clear mts buffer anytime this happens, using the following hidden debug command:

debug mts drop node [node] sap [sap] from [Queue] opcode [opcode] age [seconds]

The values for the command, can be found out from the output of "show sys
internal mts buffers detail"


show sys internal mts buffers detail:

Node/Sap/queue Age(ms) SrcNode SrcSAP DstNode DstSAP OPC MsgId MsgSize
sup/2582/recv 2400964154 0xE02 980 0x901 2582 26 100560 840

debug mts drop node sup sap 2582 from recv opcode 26 age X

X (Age value) has to be be a small value in the range that the command accepts, like 10.


Keep me posted, 


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David Castro,

Thanks for the repons. Unfortunately i dont have the debug mts options;


debug mts ?
% Invalid command at '^' marker.


My device is: cisco Nexus 3172T Chassis / System version: 7.0(3)I4(6)


Do you think thats the reason? 



Hello RV Network,


The MTS debugs wont show up when typing the question mark, because is a hidden debug command, you need to type it completely. Though every single bug that there is dont match your version and so on, many of them state that the issue is gone once this is cleared, so you can use the clear command, set up a window and reboot the switch since it does not have supervisors. 


There is this other bug but should not affect your version and N3K model:


Anyways it all looks to be a new bug, is there any drops of traffic due to this? if not you should be able to open a case with TAC they will open a new defect for this and provide a fix for it.




David Castro,

Okey. Thanks for the repons David. We dont drops any traffic because of this. Do you think it will help to oppgrade the IOS to nxos.7.0.3.I4.8b?